Registration Requirements

Those wishing to enroll in the introductory course should have a Masters Degree (a Bachelors Degree is acceptable with some reservations) and meet the following eligibility criteria:


M.D.s and D.O.s
PhD or Masters level licensed health professional whose area of competency includes mental or behavioral health, cognitive training, chronic pain, or other appropriate experience, such as working with rehab or neurologically impaired patients.  LCSW’s, MFCC’s, and other related licensed counselors fall into this group.  Backgrounds could also include performance training or stress management programs.
RNs are eligible if their state license allows them the right to practice independently, and if there is a record of significant relevant experience.  The legal requirement for nurses to have a Masters Degree to practice privately varies from state to state.
Licensed Chiropractors who have experience with neurological problems, chronic pain, or other related areas.
Masters Level Licensed Speech therapists.
Other licensed health professionals — OTs, PTs, Dentists, Podiatrists, Pharmacists are eligible if they have significant experience in related areas.


If you currently work for a qualified licensed health professional or health institution who wants to incorporate Neurofeedback into a practice, you are eligible to attend.
Experienced but non-licensed individuals providing peripheral biofeedback (EMG, temp, GSR, respiration, etc) may enroll but may need to associate with a licensed health professional in order to practice.


If you are not a licensed health professional but you have significant experience and/or education in related disciplines, we would need to understand briefly your related experience and educational background before allowing enrollment.  We will evaluate exceptions on a case by case basis.
If you have intense personal interest and some knowledge or experience in related areas, but don’t have the depth of experience or training to meet the standards above, then we encourage you to find a qualified health professional in your area who is also interested in Neurofeedback and who could provide you the clinical and professional backup and support you would need to provide a more complete service and allow you to operate under their license.

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