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Comment by a psychiatrist:

“I have been actively using EEG Biofeedback in my office practice for nearly one year. I have also opened an ancillary office where a Registered Nurse, who is employed and supervised by me, also provides EEG Biofeedback therapy. Our clinical success and patient satisfaction have been nothing less than remarkable.

When I first learned of EEG Biofeedback I was immediately struck by its potential to treat many of the chronic conditions encountered in a psychiatric practice, as well as its efficacy to treat a wide variety of other “non-psychiatric problems” such as irritable bowel, headaches, chronic pain, etc. My clinical experience with this treatment modality has been positive beyond my fondest hopes. I have been able to take patients, for example, who were nicely stabilized on antidepressant medications and psychotherapy, and help them to reach a much-improved level of symptom reduction and enhanced quality of daily living. Bipolar patients have enjoyed improved mood stabilization and improved cognitive skills, and usually have been able to reduce the dose of their mood-stabilizing medications. Treating panic disorder and insomnia is most effective. This list of positive results is too long to be included in detail in this brief commentary.

My only regret is that this excellent treatment modality was not available to me when I started out in general psychiatric practice more than 25 years ago. As the use of EEG Biofeedback expands, we psychiatrists will be able to have a major positive impact, not only for our patients, but in the larger scene of health care provision. Now we have a tool which has a definitive impact on stabilizing/improving/resolving many chronic conditions which now cause prolonged suffering and disability, which also will help improve our use of precious and limited health care resources.”

J. Alan Cook, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, Inc.

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