Eating Disorders Case Study 1

19 year old female, bulimia

“Josie”, a 19 year old female, popular and straight “A” student at school; a beauty queen, suffered from bulimia (craving food, gorging, then vomiting).


Prescribed Prozac by M.D. for bulimia

Josie did not like medication and often vomited after taking it.

Father, military officer and extremely controlling .

Mother, very submissive woman of Asian heritage

Referred by M.D. to EEG because Josie was developing headaches, allergies, and vomiting up medications.

First session consisted of C3 Beta and C4 SMR (12-14 Hz). Josie said that she felt better; however, she was still gorging with food and throwing it up. The next session, she trained at C4-FP1 SMR (12-14 Hz)and she reported that she felt calmer and wasn’t craving foods. She completed nine more sessions of C4-FP1 SMR (12-14 Hz.) before her father stopped sessions. By session 11, Josie had stopped gorging and vomiting. She had stopped all Prozac, which she stated made her nervous.

Case Information
Her father stopped “this nonsense” (EEG biofeedback training) because he thought that it was just game playing. When I encountered Josie several months later at a social function, she sought me out and said that she was doing great. She said that her father and mother didn’t bother her when they argued; and when the father was so “bossy”, it didn’t upset her as much. (She said that she wasn’t gorging and vomiting; however, we all know that persons with eating disorders often will lie about their habits, so I’m not sure.) Just being able to cope with the household arguments was positive for her, however.

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.
Mind Media Institute

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