Gang Member

“Louie”, Gang member, minor male, age 15

Presenting Symptoms/Problems:
On Probation and Independent Study
Angry Using Marijuana
Craving Sugars (after Pot)
Large Appetite Severe Allergies and Asthma Frequent Illnesses and Fatigue Bruxism
Nightmares since five years old Sleep Talking

Grandfather killed himself in the ocean and client has a fear of the ocean
Parents divorced
Father angry, alcoholic; Mother also addicted
Mother manic-depressive and both parents have migraines
Many geographical moves and school changes
Disobedient to teachers
In therapy with several local therapists

Developmental history revealed that mother had separation of placenta while pregnant with client. Client did not crawl and was very slow in talking.

Client fell off motorcycle at 2 months, High Fever at age 5.


Client referred by local Gang Alternative Probation Department.

Trained for 20 sessions at predominately C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) for five to ten sessions. Then trained at C4-Pz SMR (12-14 Hz) for the remainder of the sessions.

Client noticed that his anger was changed very quickly and he could be more patient.

This therapist noticed that client wasn’t as impatient as the sessions continued. During the first three or four sessions, this client would bang on the wall when it was time to leave; however, he began to sit patiently even though the sessions went on for more than the usual 30 minutes. The client also began talking to this therapist about things happening in his life; and he could “small talk”.
He began completing his homework and even brought it to the office to complete while he waited for his father to pick him up. At the beginning of the training sessions, he would pace the floor until his father came in. Client noticed that he wasn’t “using” marijuana as much and asked about what NF did to his cravings. Neurofeedback seemed to ease some of the severity of the allergy problems. Client’s eyes weren’t so dark with red circles as more Neurofeedback was completed.
Client had to write several essays for his probation and he wrote one on EEG NF. Father noticed many changes with the client. He noticed that his anger was less and that the client would finish his homework. Client will be attending summer school and completing another semester of work at home on home study. Probation officer has not responded with any specifics yet. Client has some community service projects to complete.

Standard Score
Response Time

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.

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