4-year old Preschooler

4 Year Old Preschooler, Biting and Kicking Classmates

 Referred for uncontrollable tantrums & attacks on other children at preschool. Mother called our office in tears.
 Single mother moved him 5000 miles away from his extended family, employed as a security guard. Father in prison.
 IQ testing revealed “Borderline Impaired” verbal skills, Average performance skills.
 In our office, he was entirely silent, with no facial expression at all. Mother had to drag him after her. On his own, he flitted about the office fingering everything without attending to any toy for more than 30 seconds.

 Treatment: Twelve neurofeedback sessions, predominantly right hemisphere SMR. Was twice observed to go through some bodily contractions and shaking, as if he was abreacting (releasing negative memories). These cleared up entirely during each session.

 Results: Calmer after each session. After the 3rd session he was reported to be less aggressive at school, sleeping better and talking more. He came in for his 5th session talking fluently, with lively facial expressions. His drawings had improved, and he was observed making playful noises as he drew. The school was reporting only occasional angry outbursts, and Mom was calling every day for the report. By the 6th session the school was reporting they could contain his anger, and by the 8th, he was reported to be able to tell the teachers “I’m upset”, and talk to them about it. During that session he counted the 18 floors in the building opposite the office. By the 11th session he was singing as he started to train. By the 12th all signs of oppositional behavior had vanished.

Amanda S. Armstrong, Ph.D.

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