Chronic Pain Case Study 2

Mary – Fibromyalgia, 51yF

“Mary” is a 51 year old female who suffers from fibromyalgia as well as tinnitus and other conditions, who was referred by her personal M.D. for EEG biofeedback “

 Constant pain in right side, left leg, sciatia nerve, left and right elbow
 Tinnitus, Ringing in ears and earaches
 Panic Attacks
 Mood Swings, mostly irritable
 Headaches, Migraines
 Medication: Valium 3 times daily; Elavil, 25 mg. daily; Pacil, 5 mg. daily

 Protocol: “Mary” had a tension headache before the first session began and when she left the session of 30 minutes, C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) protocol, she noticed that she had no headache and forgot to take her meds that night and went to sleep immediately. She said, “I slept so soundly I was awakened the next morning by my alarm clock rather than waking up all night. I woke up so bouncy and alert and noticed that my right shoulder and neck were not as sore as usual.”

The following sessions included C3 Beta (15-18 Hz) 10 minutes for chronic pain, fatigue, depresion and C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) 20 minutes for headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety. Mary has completed 30 sessions as of April 15, 1998.

One day, (possibly after 35 sessions) the client asked if she could train at alpha and we trained with an alpha session. The client stated at the next session that she had never felt so alert as she did with the alpha training. By this time, the client had changed jobs, found a new boyfriend, moved out of a dismal apartment and into a new more modern one, bought a new car, and was exercising at the gym and at aqua-aerobics class.

 Outcome: Mary has journalled her sessions, medication intake, and daily activities. Mary noticed a continual relaxed and forgot often to take the afternoon dosage of Valium. She ended her Pacil medication and has noticed that she is not taking Elavil for pain.

Currently Mary is going to the gym three times a week, is walking and is not depressed at all. At her own volition, she continues EEG Neurofeedback 1 time a week for maintenance until such time as she has discontinued her Valium.

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