Chronic Pain Case Study 1

N.J., 44 year old female, single

Presenting Problems: Diagnosed
with Crohn’s Disease.
Co-Morbid Disorders: Insomnia, Headaches, Depression
Taking Medication: Prozac, Ambien, Antibiotics
Family History : included depression, bipolar, epilepsy, IBS
I first saw this client two years ago. She had been seeing a neurofeedback practitioner in Beverly Hills, CA. She had felt some success for her Crohn’s and headaches. However, the trip to LA from this area was difficult for her. The client did not know what protocol was being used; but stated that the sensors were always on the left side.

I began training with C3 Beta (15-18 Hz) for 10 minutes and C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) for 20 minutes for two times a week. She trained for ten sessions and stated that she was sleeping, had no headaches, and seemed less depressed. She then requested if she could train only once a week and we agreed (money difficulties). I continued to train at C3 Beta and C4 SMR. At about twenty sessions, she stated that she was feeling tired, so I switched and trained first at C4 SMR for 15 ” and then at C3 Beta for 15″. The results were great. This client noticed that she was less depressed and was feeling energetic. She began to taper off her medication and at 30 sessions was completely off Ambien and Prozac. Her antibiotics had already run out.

One day, (possibly after 35 sessions) the client asked if she could train at alpha and we trained with an alpha session. The client stated at the next session that she had never felt so alert as she did with the alpha training. By this time, the client had changed jobs, found a new boyfriend, moved out of a dismal apartment and into a new more modern one, bought a new car, and was exercising at the gym and at aqua-aerobics class.

She trained then at two or three more sessions of alpha and stated that she thought that she no longer needed NF. I suggested that she return at any time she felt she needed more training. She did not call back and just this past year, I called former clients to just get feedback and she said that she is continuing to exercise, walk, and likes her new job and is in psychotherapy for relationship training with her new boyfriend.

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.
Mind Media Institute

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