Case Study 2


“Joe” is a 9 year old boy with Autism who has a history of misdiagnosis and a family history of ADHD. When Joe was 2 1/2 years of age, his mother was told that he was deaf and was advised to take her son for tubes in his ears. A Special Education psychologist informed his parents that Joe was retarded.

 In Special Education Classes
 OCD Behavior, Paced the office in circles
 Eneuresis (Bedwetting)
 Nonverbal, in Speech Therapy for six years.
 Family History: Mother denied any trauma during pregnancy or Joe’s birth; Father suspected of having ADHD; Sister, age 11, has been assessed with ADHD; No family history of drugs or substance abuse.
 Medication: Imprimine (for bedwetting); Luvox, 25 mg. 2x a day; Dexadrine, 10 mg 1x a day


EEG biofeedback training began with C4 SMR (12-15 Hz) for only 15 minutes each session. (Joe could not sit still any longer), four times a week for three weeks.

Pediatrician discovered irregular heart beats and placed Joe on heart monitor. He was taken off imipramine at which time he stopped his bedwetting habit.

By the fourth week, Joe could sit still long enough to undergo 30 minutes of C4 SMR (12-15 Hz) each session, twice a week. At this time he began to calm and exhibited no OCD behaviors or pacing.

By the seventh week, training was divided into C3 Beta (15.5 Hz) for 15 minutes, followed by C4 SMR (12-15 Hz), twice a week for three weeks. (At this time, Joe began to call my name and started saying, “Hi” when he came in the office.) His speech therapist wanted to know what the family was doing because the therapist had tested him and his speech had improved at a level of two years growth within the six months.

Protocol changed to P3 Beta (15-18Hz) for 10 minutes, C3 Beta (15-18 Hz) , 10 minutes and then ended each session with C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) for 10 minutes for six weeks. At this time Joe began talking in sentences.

Presently continuing with C3 Beta and C4 SMR one to two times per week.

Joe is surpassing his peers in school. He is reading, counting, and adding in 5’s and 10’s. This week, he told me, “I’m tired of this computer stuff.” Recently, this therapist told “Joe” to watch the volcano explode. He quickly replied, “Volcanos don’t explode. They erupt.”

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