Epilepsy Case Study 1

female, age 44, began having nocturnal seizures at age 27


Having difficulty remembering; dry mouth; dizziness; confused most of the time; agitated, argumentative; difficulty with pain and agitation at monthly menstrual cycle; depression; headaches; anxiety, constipation; much joint pain, insomnia, and snoring.

Had previously attempted to cut dosages of Phenobarbitol with doctor’s guidance, but got more severe constipation, headaches, and dizziness. Also, suffered many nocturnal seizures when cutting medication.

Mother indicated that during the birth process, the nurses (in Germany) could not deliver babies without the doctor and they held her legs together for a long time waiting for the doctor to arrive before allowing birth. Patient was very blue at birth.

No other indication of head trauma or infection or fevers.

No previous history of seizures or other disorders. No family history of members who had seizures

Medication: 180 mg. Phenobarbitol daily

Protocol and Training
Trained at C3 Beta (15-18 Hz.) for 10 minutes and C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) for 20 minutes for five weeks, two times a week. Depression lifted, no PMS, Client began remembering and no dizziness. Patient began to cut medication to 120 mg. per day without any side effects.

Trained then at C4 SMR 30 minutes per session for ten more weeks. Client cut Phenobarbitol to 80 mg per day. Her medical doctor was very careful at this stage and told the client that she would have seizures. No seizures. Also by this time, client moved back into the bedroom with her husband because she was sleeping great with no tossing and turning and no snoring. Husband came in the office and talked and indicated that he could have a coherent conversation with his wife now. He also indicated that she was not forgetting and didn’t repeat herself in conversation. The children told him that mother was “getting smarter” and they liked it when she didn’t argue with them. One day after a stressful trip, she took a nap on the couch and the children witnessed a seizure….first in many weeks. Father/husband explained that this was so mild and she was very calm after the seizure.

Now presently training one time a week at C4 SMR (12-14 Hz) 30 minutes. Client is only taking 30 mg of Phenobarbitol a day. Client went to Las Vegas last week, watched the strobe lights, and had a small seizure that night. She was so excited because she only bit a small corner of her tongue (instead of the whole tongue being torn and bit) and her husband said it only lasted a few minutes. She came out of the seizure without anger (usually she exhibited anger after seizures). She now knows that she is not to be in places where there are flickering or strobe lights. She is also watching her stress levels. The neurologist is “baffled” at her progress and has asked many questions about how this works. He continues to encourage her to take higher doses of Phenobarbitol.

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.
Mind Media Institute

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