Depression Case Study 4

Suidical and depressed, 44yM

“Bob” is a 44 year old male who was suidical and depressed. He complained of having insomnia and night terrors, having no energy and being fatigued, suffering from allergies and from headaches and body pains and was often tearful.



 Job Injury Hit on the Back of the Head – four years ago

 History of inattention, distractibiity, uncooperative and learning problems and problems with teachers and other students when in school.

 Mother had a history of allergies, migraines, depression and addiction.

 No history on father.

 Client on Serzone for depression (it wasn’t working)

 Also, client carried aspirin and took several aspirin frequently

Protocol and Training
Client was trained with 20 minutes of C4 SMR (12-15 Hz) and ended session with 20 minutes C3 Beta (15-18 Hz.). After training three sessions in three days, Bob was no longer tearful and was sleeping.

The following week, training progress with the same protocol, twice a week, except the protocol was switched to 20 minutes C3 Beta (15-18 Hz) first and then ended with 10 minutes C4 SMR. (Client stated he felt some agitation when the protocol ended with Beta; therefore the protocol was changed to end with SMR.)

After three weeks the client noticed that he was no longer taking aspirin and didn’t have any headaches. He also noticed that he hardly ever felt back pain and neck pain or stomach aches.

One of this client’s friends called the office to talk about how great the client looked and stated that Bob was communicating better and looked her in the eye when he talked.

Bob began talking to his M.D. and the Serzone was titrated down some. However, Bob stopped Neurofeedback at 12 weeks because the insurance company would not reimburse. He recently called to ask to continue at one time a week as long as he could pay because, “this is the first time in my ife, I’ve felt good.”

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.
Mind Media Institute

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