Depression Case Study 2

IBS, Depression, 46yF

Presented with Medical diagnosis of IBS, Depression, Sleep Problems, Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Other co-morbid dysfunctions included sinus infections, nausea, vomiting, headaches, poor memory, menopaus symptoms, and arthritic pains.

Prescription Drugs included Welbutrin, Carafate, Lomotil

This client also was seeing a Neurofeedback Practitioner in Beverly Hills, CA and did not like the drive nor the hustle/bustle of the other office. She came to me after having had over 25 sessions of NF.

I began training this client at C4 SMR for the complete session (due to the anxiety and panic attacks). After about ten sessions, she stated that she was feeling so much calmer; however, here IBS symptoms did not seem to change. I then switched to C3 Beta for 10 minutes and C4 SMR for 20 minutes. She immediately noticed a difference. She was training only once a week.

After about ten more sessions, this client decided to come in to the office every other week. She noticed that sometimes she needed to come in more often and now is continuing NF as needed.

( I’ve noticed that I see her every other week when things are going great at home and once every week when they are not. It is my opinion that the NF is being sabotaged by the continuance of Welbutrin, which her M.D. refuses to decrease. She has stopped all the other medications on her own and finds that she does not need them. She sometimes is taking Valerian Root to sleep and stated, “When I have to take Valerian Root for several days, I know it is time to come in to see you for NF.” After her recent visit to her doctor, she told him that she wanted to start tapering off the Welbutrin. He agreed with her this time.

She has noticed that her hair is getting thicker and her nails are not splitting.

“In January 1997, I was at the bottom of my barrel; mentally and physically. My anxiety was causing physical problems. I had irritable bowel syndrom so badly, that I could barely leave my house. Mentally, my self-esteem was shattered, and I was very, very depressed. Medical attention and psychotherapy were helping, but ot nearly enough. there was a missing ingredient. My psychotherapist recommended biofeedback. I discussed it with my physician, and he agreed. After exploring so many other avenues, it was hard for me to believe that something like biofeedback could help, but I was desperate. I decided to try. Within about four weeks wtih Barbara Linde, my anxiety and my stomach episodes were lessening. I continued to improve, and when I had reached about four months of weekly biofeedback I graduated to treatment every other week. My irritable bowel syndrome bouts are only occasional now. I use my biofeedback appointments now, to manange my stress. As long as I can keep my anxiety in check, I’m staying healthy. My medical doctor heartily approves of my biofeedback. He even went so far, as to write a letter of recommendation, that I continue the use of biofeedback as a stress-management technique. To me, biofeedback seems like a miracle. When I think of where I was, just one year ago, I thank God for His goodness, and for bringing biofeedback into my life.”

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