Baby Luke

Baby Luke: Neurofeedback training with an infant

This is a brief case study of a 5.5 month old baby who was born with the cord around his neck after a difficult labor. Normal apgar but he was blue for a brief period. His mother came to me because she had trained and wondered if it might help him. She could not leave him alone for even a few minutes, nor would he tolerate anyone else caring for him. He would become extremely anxious and difficult to soothe. He never slept longer than an hour and 1/2 and his mother was wearing thin. At moments of apparent rest, his upper body would begin to shake in what she described as tremors. He was alarmed whenever he was laid down and had a dramatic startle response. When falling asleep he would begin to cry.

Session 1: C4 4-7 inhibit, 12-15 reward. Held in mother’s lap and encouraged by her when he made beeps. Started to fall asleep after 10 minutes and started to cry. Ended tx.

Session 2: Tremors shorter. Everything else the same
C3 for 3 minutes at 15-18, 4-7 inhibit. C4, 12 minutes at 12-15. Tolerated training well.

Session 3: Tremors gone. Slept well for two nights five hours the first, four and 1/2 the next. Last night only 21/2. Took cereal for the first time.
C3 for 3 min at 15-18; C4 for 8 min at 12-15. Got fussy at 11 minutes and was also hungry even though he had nursed prior to tx.

Session 4: Slept 5 hours, then 4, then 31/2. Erratic last night
C3 for 8 1/2 minutes: C4 for 3. 15-18 and 12-15.

Session 5: Ravenous appetite Digestion seems good. Waking once in the night to nurse then going back to sleep.
C4 for 3 min: C3 for 9.

Session 6: Separation anxiety. No napping. Brief tremors when he is nursing. Sleeping well in the night. Slept through the night last two nights. Appetite is ferocious. Screams when mom puts him down.
C3 for 5 minutes: C4 for five minutes.

All symptoms remit with this protocol and have not returned except for one brief episode of tremor, a month after ending tx. No evidence of separation anxiety, no screaming and able to sleep. He started walking at 10 months even though this was discouraged by his mother who understands the value of crawling and he was responding to her complex verbal instructions also by that time. He is even tempered. No startle response and no alarm. Learns very quickly and is easily bored. Very attached to his mother but able to be with others as well. Appetite and attachment seem normal and sound.

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