Anxiety and Restless Leg

“Lee”, age 69, Female, Anxiety and Restless Leg Syndrome

Nocturnal Eneuresis
Restless Leg Syndrome
Anxiety, High Stress

Taking Prescribed Premarin, Synthroid (2 x’s daily), Ditropan (3 x’s daily)

Bladder Surgery, Three Times
Wrist Surgery, Broken Wrists
Several Pregnancies, Five to term

Training Narrative: (* indicates client’s personal journal notes)

Started with C4 SMR (12-14 Hz.) 30 minutes twice a week

* After two weeks of Neurofeedback, allergies are gone. Discontinued allergy pills. Sleeping better-sleeping all night or up only once.

* (Three weeks later) Discontinued bladder pills, except one at night. Restless legs continued.

Client’s restless leg syndrome continued and she complained of some bladder pressure. Went to C3 Beta for ten minutes and C4 SMR for twenty minutes.

Client completed 20 sessions.

No allergies
Sleeping well
No incontinence
Alert while driving
Some Bladder pressure, infrequent
No help with Restless Leg Syndrome
Client came back to Neurofeedback six months later.
Presenting Problems included some incontinence and restless legs. No reoccurance of allergies.

Training Narrative:
Started with C3 Beta 10 minutes and C4 SMR 20 mintues for 3 sessions. Changed to C3 Beta for 10 minutes and C4-Pz SMR for 20 minutes for 7 sessions.

* No Restless Leg Syndrome. No allergies. No Incontinence.

This office contacted client six months after this last session (30 total) and she continues to have no allergies, no incontinence and very little Restless Leg. Client remains calm, is sleeping well and reports that she remains alert while driving.

Barbara Linde, Ph.D.

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