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We are a network of clinicians, teachers and researchers dedicated to advancing the science and application of Neurofeedback. A number of our affiliates are engaged in research, publication of scientific articles, teaching, and treating patients in a broad range of settings.

Neurofeedback Interchange Conference


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Due to COVID-19, several of our in-person courses have been cancelled. We will be monitoring the current crisis and postpone or cancel future courses as is necessary. 

We have online learning opportunities at www.eeglearn.com

Join Ruth Lanius & Sebern Fisher in conversation
June 28th – 4pm EDT
USD $75
Register at:  https://www.eeglearn.com/tdb

For information, training@eeger.com or 1-800-789-3456 x1
Also, check www.EEGLearn.com for upcoming webinars

Instructors: Ed Hamlin, PhD, BCN & Mary Ammerman, PsyD, BCN
May 12-15, 2020 – Asheville, NC  Cancelled
July 7-10, 2020 – Asheville, NCCancelled
Sept 14-17, 2020 – Hadley, MA Cancelled
Oct 13-16, 2020 – Asheville, NCCancelled

Regional Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice (developed by Dr. Hamlin)
Instructors: Mary Zaudtke, MA, LP, BCN & Chris Wheeler Doe, MA, LMFT BCN
Apr 30-May 3, 2020 – Minneapolis, MN  Cancelled
For this course, contact Mary Zaudtke – 651-503-2175  mszaudtke@gmail.com

ADVANCED BEGINNER SKILLS (Follow-up to the 4-day course)
There will be an online Enhanced Beginner Skills course in August – date TBD
Instructor: Mary Ammerman, PsyD, BCN
Jun 9-11, 2020 – Asheville, NCCancelled
Aug 14-16, 2020 – Asheville, NCCancelled
Sept 25-27, 2020 – Asheville, NCCanceled

WEBINARS:  Goto: https://www.eeglearn.com

Mentor: Sebern Fisher, MA, BCN
This series will start up again in the Fall. Watch for new dates.

For more information or to register call 1-800-789-3456 ext. 1
or send us an email at training@eeger.com

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Sebern Fisher on Trauma

SebernNetworker 17

Join Ruth Lanius & Sebern Fisher in conversation
June 28th – 4pm EDT
USD $75
Register at:  https://www.eeglearn.com/tdb

Read Sebern Fisher’s COVID-19 message below…

Sebern Fisher, author, therapist, and mentor, has been integrating neurofeedback and psychotherapy into the treatment of those with developmental trauma for the last twenty years.
Once you learn the neuroscience of neglect, dissociation, repression and trauma, your treatment approaches, including protocol selection will become more deeply informed.

Mentor: Sebern Fisher, MA, BCN
This series will start up again in the Fall.  Watch for dates.

A Message from Sebern Fisher during this COVID-19 pandemic

These are challenging times indeed. I just want to take a moment for all of us, trauma therapists and trauma patients together to breathe and to quiet the arousal that inevitably arises under the threat posed by the virus.

Let me first speak to those of you who are dealing with the aftermath of  histories of devastating childhoods. You know that your fear systems are going to go into high alert. This is the way this goes in your brain. Not your fault. Not a flaw in your character. It is the “isness” of developmental trauma.  You may even experience a return or heightening of symptoms. Don’t be discouraged. It’s your amygdala trying to activate you for what it “thinks” is for your survival. It is not to be believed! If there is an inner child, it’s your amygdala and it needs your best adult guidance. You know these patterns in yourself. You need to eat wisely, sleep well, exercise, stay in touch with good people, avoid alarming TV or anything alarming, monitor your news intake, in short do everything you can to enhance your immune system. This is the worst time to engage in risky behaviors of any kind, even when the pressure builds up to do so. I do understand what people with developmental trauma endure. I know how rough it is. Please be gentle with yourself and with all those around you and even if it’s the first time ever, practice self care.  And know that although you can feel so dreadfully alone, you’re not. There are millions of us.

Everything I’m reading suggests that early action is the best action to slow the spread of the virus. As a trauma therapist you are likely feeling a lot of mixed feelings and opposing instincts. We are in this field to help people who suffer terribly and of course these are times that will inflame the terror and disregulation our patients already try so desperately to manage. They will need you. But you yourselves must stay well to help them. Take every precaution -those that are becoming part of our daily litany-  and do as many of your therapy sessions as possible while observing social distancing. It hurts to even write much less to do it.

For those of you doing neurofeedback- which I certainly hope is most of you- you can’t do NF and observe social distance.  Let your patients know that if they’ve been training for awhile, their brains will remember. Even if regulating effects don’t completely hold, their brains remember. They won’t lose what they know. It will return. For many it can be helpful to visualize the screen and recall the beeps when they feel the stress rising.  As a colleague of mine once said, “The brain is devoted to its own regulation. It has to be.” If they are new, their brains could slip back into old patterns.  Help them remember during  the break that their brains were able to train, that the problem is this glitch in their brains and that you will both be back on this as soon as it is safe to do so.

Those of you who own your own systems can bring them home too. Train regularly. Lowering stress reduces inflammation and will enhance your immune system. This will help you and everyone around you!

Please stay healthy and stay sane. The world needs every one of us to do this well.



For more information on Sebern go to: www.sebernfisher.com

Contact training@eeger.com for more information

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